Quick Recap

This is a continuation of a project and the first part can be found here. https://cole-kepford.medium.com/learning-python-to-play-magic-the-gathering-7bee3930ed70
For a quick recap I went over the surface level differences between the programming languages Java and Python. The purpose of this was to use learning Python as an excuse to attempt solving a problem I’ve wanted to figure out for a long time. The problem was to play the Magic the Gathering (MTG) deck Tron. This article will go over the further knowledge I’ve gained about Python, the script I wrote to play Tron without an opponent, and the troubles I encountered.

Taming the Python


By Cole Kepford

The purpose of this project is to learn the programming language Python and use it to write an algorithm to play the first three turns of a specific Magic the Gathering (MTG) deck. I wished to learn Python because it’s the most common language associated with Data Science which I have an interest in. The purpose of the algorithm is to play a specific MTG called Tron. It is called Tron because when it assembles a certain combination of cards the deck becomes much more powerful. This is a problem I’ve always wanted to try and solve so I’ll use…

Cole Kepford

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